Basic monthly income, effective and direct

To start eradicating poverty is possible with a simple tool: giving money to people constantly and without conditions


We believe that all habitants of the planet deserve to have a basic nourishment to live and that its logical to start with people who live in poverty.


We created a social startup that associates private parties so that they contribute money monthly and we distribute it to people living in poverty.


We transfer money to people who live in poverty directly and constantly, without conditions.

“Only by investing 1% of their GDP, the United States could lift its entire population out of poverty”

Rutger Bregman. TED Talk 2017


Gladys Navarro

“The money from the 1% Club has been a huge relief, not only to grant transportation to my husband’s medical appointments and treatments. I have been able to start a business to sale sweets from my house, which makes me feel that I am using my time better, that I lead a more productive life and with more courage to continue taking care of my husband.

Gladys Navarro


Real social investment

We implemented the transfer of COP $300.000 per month for basic income to people living in poverty.

You receive monthly reports with the impact that money generates on their behavior and lives, thanks to the follow up interviews we carry out every two weeks.


21 million people in Colombia live on less than COP $11.000 a day. It means that they live in monetary or extreme poverty.

DANE Monetary Poverty Report, april 2021

SOLUTION / Stage 1

It’s time to transform philanthropy

Overcoming the cycle of poverty requires determination. Much more than a spontaneous help or a good intention. Giving directly and consistently is a fast, efficient, proven, and empowering way to do it.

Can you imagine the wealth that we can generate if each of us donates just 1% of our monthly income?



COP millions
delivered as
basic income

We started the monthly basic income transfers of COP $300.000 in July 2020

What we have achieved

A small group of friends started this social project at the beginning of the corona virus pandemic to deliver basic monthly income, without restrictions. Today the project has 35 beneficiaries, 1 member foundation and 195 members.

We dream of becoming a club with 1 million members to lift more than 100.000 people out of poverty in Colombia.

Proven effectiveness



Since the beginning, we have given $ 85 for every $100 donated directly to beneficiaries.


on time

We have delivered 100% of the transfers on time since the start of operations in July 2020.


follow up

We collect information directly from each of the beneficiaries.

How do we measure the impact?

We partner up with EAFIT’s master’s degree in Social Business Management for Social Innovation and Local Development to gather information on the impact generated by the monthly, constant and unconditional basic income.


We have the accompaniment of Beatriz Londoño Foundation psychologists who are in charge of conducting a fortnightly interview with each of the beneficiaries. A depth interview of 1 hour and a follow-up of 15 minutes.

Beatriz Londoño


We put our experience in private companies at the service of this social purpose. Our team combines capabilities in entrepreneurship, management, finance, marketing, technology, and human sciences.

Carolina Guzman

Carolina Guzmán
Beatriz Londoño Foundation

Isabel Builes

Isabel Builes
Beatriz Londoño Foundation

Daniela Baez

Daniela Báez
Master’s Degree Student Social Management EAFIT

Susana Zapata

Susana Zapata
Director Caramelo Scarce

Paulina Villa

Paulina Villa
Co-founder DRIM

Juliana Gutierrez
Innovation Consultant

Ricardo Restrepo

Ricardo Restrepo
Co-founder JCR Energy

Andres Angel

Andrés Angel
CEO Nominapp

Mauricio Rios

Mauricio Ríos
Co-founder YEAH! Videomarketing

How to live in a palace if the garden is full of poverty?


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Poverty isn’t a lack of character; it’s a lack of cash

Rutger Bregman, Ted Talk 2017


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An agile essay to reflect on the type of society we live in and how to solve the great paradox of our time: that in the era of abundance, millions of people suffer from scarcity.

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